Wallis McClain, Class of '62

Band, various clubs (Chemistry Club, e.g.)

My most memorable Baker moment actually came more than 30 years after graduation. Sandra Holmes called me in early 1995 to ask -- in hushed tones of abject horror -- if the "Newt Gingrich" so prominent in national politics was actually the same Newton Gingrich we had known at Baker in the early 1960s. After I stopped laughing and assured her that he was, indeed, the same person, we shared a few "Newt moments" and then reminisced about Baker and Columbus, Ga. (By the way, I do not have any specific memories of Newt, so don't even ask.)

1. B.A. cum laude Vanderbilt Univ. (English Lit., 1966)
2. M.A. Washington Univ. (St. Louis) (German Lit., 1969)
3. Also attended U. of Missouri Graduate School of Journalism (1974-5)
4. Managing editor of Environment Reporter (published by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.) since 1987.
5. Single gay male, two cats.
6. Like opera, literature, gardening, cooking, working out.
7. Own home in Washington, DC. (4-story Victorian, ca. 1871).
8. Involved in amateur theater. (Currently rehearsing for performance of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.)
9. Member of St. Thomas' Episcopal Church.

March, 1997

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