Cassandra Lee "Cissy" Whitt (Dotzler), Class of '64

Cassandra Lee "Cissy" Whitt, 1964 

Graduated from the University of Georgia (very unimpressive record) in 1968. Worked for Delta Air Lines as a flight attendant and in management for 17 years. Got an MBA from Depaul University in 1979. I married Fred Dotzler in 1972 while living in Chicago. We moved to Massachusettes (Boston area) in 1979. One daughter born in 1980 (Whittney, a junior) and another in 1982 (Cecelia, a freshman). We moved to Saratoga, California in 1985 and have been here since. Saratoga is about 40 miles south of San Francisco. I am currently trying to survive existing with two teenage girls and being 50 years old!! Just kidding... sort of.

March, 1997

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