Gerhard Jinks, Class of '65

I was in culture shock for my first year at Baker. We had moved in from Butzbach Germany where I had attended Frankfurt High School. I was invited by coach Ball to try out for JV basketball but didn't and then he wouldn't let me the next year. I joined the track team but quit. Had a lot of fun playing on basketball team at South Columbus boys club. I developed a real interest in football at Baker. Belonged to a few clubs. Spent a lot of time at Bryant Wells Fieldhouse on post.

My parents were divorced so I moved to the Fort Leonard Wood MO. area upon graduation to live with my father. Entered Univ. of Mo. two years later. Graduated in 1971 BA Sociology and immediately got a job as a social worker in Psychiatry at the Lexington Ky VA hospital where I continue to work. I got a Masters in Social Work in 1987. I have been married to my wife Joan for 17 years and we have a 13 year old daughter Lacy. I enjoy sailing and skiing and of course, hacking on my computer.

February, 1997

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