Robert Edward Alexander, Class of '67

I didn't do much while at Baker. I blended for the most part. I enjoyed Baker, but I was fairly quite and uninvolved. I made three lifelong friends: Bill Brophy, Bill Reese and Linda Earle. These three helped me make a pivotal decision: go to college.

After College, I became an Army officer and traveled the world. During my travels, I came across Bakerites wherever I was. Some knew me others didn't, but we always reminisced. While at baker, I secretly fell in love with two Baker girls. One discovered my feelings, the other never knew. Since my return to Columbus, I ran into the second one, she is still a secret flame for me.

A highlight for me was beating my P.E. class in the 220 run. A track guy tried to cheat but I beat him anyway. The coach, who was also a history teacher, smiled and shook his head. I think his name was Burnside. His moment of recognition pleased me but I didn't let him or anyone else know. Today, I run a $20 million dollar business and I am a retired Army Officer with two Master degrees As a hobby, I run. When I run, I think of my three friends, the two secret loves, the 220 win and the grizzled old history teacher track coach.

March, 1997

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