Catherine "Kitty" Cole, Class of '67

We were having such a great time, we graduates of Eddy Jr. High (Jan, Becky, Debbie, Margaret, Ronnie, Kenny, Mike, Eddie and Gary and I and lots of others!) I had to move to Amherst Mass. with my family. It turned out to be lots of fun. Very different from the South. Instead of Otis and the Drifters, etc. they were listening to the Kinks and Rolling Stones. After a couple of years we moved to Athens, Georgia, where my dad built a golf course (with the help of George Thornton, I believe) and I finished my last year of H.S., although some of you may remember, I spent almost every week-end in Columbus with Becky and got re-acquainted with Ronnie.

University of Georgia and Georgia State University followed. I taught school in Atlanta for a couple of years then after a few years in the music business running a recording studio in Atlanta, I took a trip to Aspen, Colorado. I fell in love with it and never came back until six weeks ago. Jan and I have always stayed in touch and she has kept me informed about a lot of old friends. Sue Merritt also. I just found Becky again. They've invited me to the reunion in August and I hope to be there. I am really looking forward to seeing many old friends again, though I'll miss Eddie A. (class of '68).

December, 1997

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