Bruce Emerson, Class of '67

After graduating I entered Columbus College and stayed until the money ran out. I was out one quarter when Uncle Sam sent his draft notice. I entered the Army in February 1969 and retired 20 years later in February 1989. After a short rest in Switzerland with my brother Ken, I joined The Boeing Company as a Purchasing Manager here in Huntsville. Two years later I was sent to China Lake California with the company and stayed for three years. Three years of desert living was plenty for us, so we packed up and moved back to Huntsville. During this time I managed to get back to college and recently finished my Master's from the Florida Institute of Technology. After a few months of unemployment and doing some consulting, my wife Veronica and I opened our own business and handle both consulting and real estate. Our children, Heath and Shawn are both grown and gone. We have a granddaughter living in Columbus; she is now 4 years old. When Veronica and I are not working together we are traveling together. It is easier to travel these days with the kids gone. We are looking forward to the next Baker reunion. Bruce

June, 1996

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