Sharon W. Garbett (Mizell), Class of '67

Sharon W. Garbett Mizell, 1997 

I was rather shy (at the time) and my parents were not supporters of school life. I always had to be home right after school. However, I think my most favorite years were those I spent at BHS. I loved the pep rallies and football games, adored Sadie Hawkins Day. I loved to watch ROTC marching around and the school band. I remember sneaking across the street to McDonald's for a 15c hamburger, eating "scrambled dogs" in the cafeteria and buying my favorite soft drink (it starts with a "P" - I can't remember the name - but I remember the taste. I think it must have been some kind of ginger drink). I also remember hearing the Beatles sing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" for the very first time on someone's transister radio while standing in line to board the big brown buses for the afternoon ride home. My favorite teacher was Mrs. McMillan - English.

I graduated HS from Nurenberg American High School in Furth, Germany in '67, and played guitar & sang all across the country. Returned to Virginia Beach, Virginia where I married a Marine at age 20. Moved to his hometown of Cincinnati where I played drums in a band "Foggy Mountain Railway". After divorce, returned Virginia Beach where I worked various jobs until '74 when I began attending Rock Bible Institute. Played drums for 10 years for Rock Church. Shortly after my second marriage in '82, my husband and I moved to Richmond, Virginia where we built a home and have resided for 16 years. We are both ordained ministers and co-pastor "Father's Wings Christian Outreach Centre". My husband has been with Virginia Power Co. for 28 years, and I own & operate a graphics & printshop. I still play drums and am presently putting together a new group. We have one son, Tim, who is 22 yrs. old and a granddaughter, Desere, who is 2 yrs old. I enjoy music, all outdoor sports, love movies, computers, and have an entrepreneurial h eart. I love word games and cards, and would love to learn line dancing. Also love animals, especially dogs & cats. I like target shooting, motorcycles, and travel. Enough for now.

September, 1997

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Here's Sharon with her husband, Bob.
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