Larry Smith, Class of '67

I remember every Friday night the SOCK HOP, they were the greatest, it brought people together. I ran track at Baker.

HAD TO attend HHS, yes Hardaway, no we were not rich. Joined the military, 20 years and retired from the Army. When in the Army I attended NSW. Was married to Hettie Rebecca Couillard, September 9, 1969 and still going strong. We had two children, Melissa and Shelia. Both daughters finished college. We have two grandchildren, Cody and Abby Black. After the Army I worked for Lockheed till we moved to New York last year. My wife is now going for her Masters at Syracuse SU Orange County. I'm working for Lear Siegler here. We will return to the warm south in Aug 96, this year can't wait, we will move north of Newnan GA, between Newnan and Altanta.

March, 1996

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