Charles Richard "Rick" Tolbert, Class of '67

I didn't get involved with school activities while I was at Baker, I was just there. My friends were the thing I enjoyed most. I lost touch with most of them by the end of my military duty. I can remember many things about my high school years, but there are two things that come to mind when I think of the time I spent there.

The first is my geometry teacher, Mr. Sumner (I believe). He always gave a bonus question on his test, so it was possible to score over 100% and yours truly did just that. I'm sure he figured I was cheating. (I never turned in homework or carried books.) After about three months of looking over my shoulder, he ask me to go to the board and do a problem (I'm sure it was supposed to be difficult). I did, flawlessly and he didn't speak to me again that year.

The other thing was the assassination of JFK in 1963. I was in my 9th grade algebra class. Everyone was pretty shook-up and some of the girls were crying. It was a sad time for the whole country.

I joined the Navy right after leaving Baker. I volunteered for submarines and was stationed on the USS Charr (AGSS328) and the USS Salmon (SS573), both were out of San Diego, California. I left the Navy early, with the cut back in troop strength authorized by Richard Nixon in 1969.

Since then, I have had various sales and sales management type jobs and jobs in the electrical industry. I also managed a couple of night clubs here in Columbus (the Peach Tree Pub and the Dallas Country and Western Club).

I was married in 1970 and divorced in 1973. I have been successfully divorced ever since. I haven't given up on relationships, just extremely picky after the first one.

I am now self-employed licensed electrical contractor, licensed in Georgia and Alabama. Living in Columbus.

By the way, I also went to Baker in 1955/56 in the second grade.

I attended Missouri Institute of Technology in Kansas City. Computer design.

August, 2004

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