J. Patrick "Moon" Mullins, Esq., Class of '68

When Strealdorf showed up at the rock quarry we were taking a brief hiatus from our serious studies at BHS. His arrival was preceded by one Officer Ridenour, who yelled, "Hit the road, Strealdorf's on the way!" The prevailing sentiment was "Egad! Yikes! We're out of here!"

An afternoon off for a cool dip was one thing, but a week or two off would be a bit much.

He did in fact come down the road at 1:00 in the afternoon, school time. We hid in the woods until he left with a few unfortunates. And lived to tell it!

I've been married to Jan for many seasons. We have one child, Will, who is eleven and in the sixth grade. We are all very active in school matters and all manner of other activities with kids.

Over the years I have been an artist and teacher and a few other things along the way. Jan has also been a teacher and educator. We both currently work at University of Georgia, our alma mater. I teach two programs, creative studies for children and math and science for college-bound high school kids, both with the Upward Bound program. And I still paint.

August, 2002

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