Joel Martin "Marty" Foreman, Class of '69

I was the extra quiet and shy type. I did not get involved in clubs or cliques due to this but did get involved in the DCT/VICA program. This was going to school half of the day and working the other part of the day. My most memorable moment at Baker came when I experienced falling in love with a girl at Baker in my senior year, only to have her move away with her parents, and never see her again.

I retired from the USAF with 20 years of honorable service in 1991. I received a BS in Health Care Management from Park College, a BS degree in Parks and Recreation Management with Therapeutic Emphasis from Columbus College, and have only two classes and and internship to finish a masters in counseling at Columbus State University. I currently work as an experiential therapist at the Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Home. My wife (Sue) and our teenage daughter (Gari-Leigh) stay really busy with a hectic schedule. Sue also retired from the Air Force, worked for AFLAC for a few years, and is currently looking for work as an LPN. She smoked her studies with a scorching 3.89 GPA!

I love reading true but weird and unusual stuff, drawing, painting, working in the yard, and when I can find time, working out. I enjoy reading the paper while sipping hot coffee on a quiet and cold morning. I also still love to walk on the beach,listen to the waves crash, the seagulls squawk, and smell the salty air.

December, 1996

About-Baker: Hurrying to graduation practice from Callaway Gardens Beach with a sunburn and sand under my clothes!

After-Baker: Masters Degree in Community Counseling, working on School Counseling Certification and Education Specialist Degree. May decide to get my Doctorates Degree. My main ambition in life now, is to "make a difference".

June, 2006

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