Kitty Blumhagen (Costa), Class of '70

About-Baker: Member of JCL, FTA, Anchor Club; my entire experience at Baker High was filled with fun, good friends and my father looking over my shoulder while he was teaching World History. My favorite times were the football and basketball games, the club meetings and spending time with my close friends.

After-Baker: I married and left Columbus in 1971. I'm still married (to the same person) and have 2 daughters (Christy 24, Cathy 21). I have one granddaughter, Jaden Isabella, (who just turned one). I work for the Downey Unifed School District in Special Education and have found my "spot" working with fourth and fifth grade students with emotional and academic disabilites.

*For those of you who might not know: my brother, Robby passed away in 1973 and my father, Mr. B passed away in 1995. Great losses for me.

May, 2001

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