Georgia Grant (Kelley), Class of '70

I was the Co-Capain for JV Cheerleading my Sophmore year and then skipped my Junior year and went straight to a Senior....... kinda was weird, but it worked out great! My best memories are about the great sockhops we had in the cafeteria!

My husband, Gary Kelley and I have Mountain-Lake Log Homes, Inc and have been building and selling log systems for seven years. For the past 3 years we have been Exclusive Distributors for Jim Barna Log Systems and love it! We help people design the dream log home or commercial structure they need. Then we attend the delivery to make sure all is great and then we have Log Home Builders, Inc to coordinate a log crew to dry it.... From there the dream comes alive! We have 5 great children between us and we want the best for them all. Right now were about to get the last three girls started in college. Rachel starts Auburn in the Fall and then Lauren and Courtney will be right behind her. Todd and Matt Willis, my oldest boys are doing great.

July, 1997

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