Marilyn Parenio (Potter), Class of '70

About-Baker: I enjoyed my days at Baker High while I was there. I was in Mr. Spano's class and was sad to read that he had passed away. I had great teachers there and many friends that I had to leave behind. My great memorable Baker moment...was being released from classes for several months to play an "extra" in the movie "Green Berets". Who can forget all that Hollywood stuff happening in Columbus, Ft. Benning, and across the way into Alabama in the summer and fall of 67?

After-Baker: I left in the Spring of '68 heading out to California, then to Germany and finally back home to Hawaii. I was suppose to move to Arizona, but decided to remain in Hawaii....wouldn't you? I have two great kids who are a blessing to me. The oldest is 25 and my youngest will be 23 years soon. How time flies! I am ready to retire and looking forward to traveling and enjoying what's left in life.

November, 2000

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