Nancy Jane Taylor (Holland), Class of '70

About-Baker: Lionbackers, Oh my gosh!! Way to many to remember, but skipping school with debbie White to go to her house, and Mr. Oscar Boyles coming to get us. Yikes! Still talk to him to this day about it. Enjoyed all of my friends, Diane, Claudette, sherry, Scenia, Debby,Charlotte, and still are friends today, and for 50th birthday this summer, we are all going on cruise...........

After-Baker: Married Kenneth Holland, married 30 years YIKES!!, two children, Tiffany and will. I have 3 beautiful grandchildren, Adams, Reames,and Maggie Ruth. Own The Gourmet Deli in columbus. My biggest enjoyment are my friends of over 30 years, and my biggest ambition right this moment is the last ten pounds I need to lose before the cruise.....

December, 2001

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