Bryan Willis, Class of '70

I Played Football, Baseball and enjoyed my many friends and classmates at Baker.

My most memorable moment has to be the same as Bill McClean's, the 1968 trouncing of Columbus High for the Bi-city Championship. Baker 6 Columbus 0. I made the winning touch-down.

After Baker I signed a football Scholarship to Sam Houston State U. in Texas. I majored in Business. I moved back to Georgia was hired by Dekalb County Fire Dept. in Atlanta in 1976. I just retired with 28 years as a Battalion Chief.

As a Firefighter I was a Firefighter and Paramedic. As a Lieutenant I was Firefighter of the year. As a Captain I was the first coordinator of our USAR (urban search and rescue team) and TRT (Technical Rescue Team). These teams were established after the "Oklahoma Bombings" to provide Georgia with coordinated response to all disasters that would occur in Georgia and the Southeast. Our teams were trained and equipped with "state of the Art" training and equipment for disaster response. We were trained and ready for response in all manners of rescue ( Building Collapse, Rope Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, Trench Rescue, Underwater rescue(Dive),and Vehicle entrapment. We were on alert to respond to 9/11 and received intelligence that Atlanta was the next to be hit. Our team stayed in Atlanta for possible mobilization. I had a great career.

I been happily married to Brenda (Nish) for 24 years. We have three sons; Todd, Matt, and Benjamin.

I'm now a Builder and Real Estate Investor, My Company's name is WILCO LLC. and I build and invest in the Atlanta Area.

I love life traveling and plying all my many hobbies and interests, but my fondest memories will always be my Baker High School Years. See you at the reunions.

July, 2004

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