Jimmy Applewhite, Class of '71

Jimmy Applewhite, 1997 

The most memorable moment was as I walked up the front steps to register. Someone picked that moment to set off a smoke bomb in a locker! As I walked up the steps, everyone else came pouring out! I figured right away that this was going to be an interesting school...

Actually I was too busy working after school to get too involved in all the different functions that I wanted to..But I had a great time and met alot of nice people! Oh,and it did turn out to be a very interesting school!!!

Still working; married for 25 years this June. Three kids, 24/f, 21/m, 16/f. At the moment my ambition is to support my kids and to help them get out on their own comfortably...Then to spend some quiet time with my wife.. maybe to do some traveling..

Hope to hear from some of you
Jim Applewhite

January, 1997

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Here's Jim with Carlotta Chrestman at the 1970 Junior Senior Prom.

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