Kathryn Ann "Kathy" Siterlit (Marshburn), Class of '71

As one of the DCT students in my senior year, I was fortunate to work on the preparations and arrangements for the 1971 class graduation ceremony along with Kathy McDonald Weaver Pitts (now in Smith, AL). It was great fun, especially the actual ceremony.

Married Richard Marshburn (class of '70) in 1971, moved to Colorado in 1977, earned Assoc. Degree in Accounting in 1985, earned Bachelor's degree in 1987 from Regis University, have been working for Lockheed Martin Corporation for 15 years, have 2 Chinese Shar Peis, volunteer for the Colorado Humane Society, love to fish and hike and travel - so far we have been to England, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Yukon and Northwest Territories, Venezuela (which I do not recommend) and every state west of the Mississippi. We also spend a lot of time wildlife watching and taking lots of pictures. We were fortunate to video a grizzly bear running down to eat his evening meal in Yellowstone on one of our trips.

August, 1996

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