Teresa Ann Thompkins (Baker), Class of '71

It seems like I was involved in just about everything--cheerleading, Student Council, Girl's State, Sigma Delta Beta sorority, National Honor Society...

My education continued at Georgia Tech where Donnie Burns and I tried to leave our mark. I obtained an MRS degree and moved to Houston where my daughter, Lindsay, was born. My claim to fame while living in Houston was meeting O.J. Simpson in a bar (fortunately, neither of us was very impressed.) After my divorce I moved home to good old Columbus, GA. I've worked in broadcast for 16 yrs. and am currently National Sales Manager of the FOX affiliate here--WXTX. I married Mike Baker (HHS Class of '75) ten years ago and we have two cute boys, Casey who is 7 yrs. and is a Green Belt in karate and Taylor who is almost 5 yrs. and is a video game wizard. Lindsay is a freshman at Columbus State University (for those of you who don't know Columbus College recently received university status) and pretty much acts like we did at that age--it's horrifying...Three cats and a black lab named Woody round out our household. Life is pretty good!

February, 1997

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