Carol Carmichael (Ransom), Class of '73

I remember the day the auditorium burned down. We were all happy to be out of class, the issue - racial equality on the cheerleader squad - was the driving reason. After the principal offered to resigned, among many jeers, I remember many of us in tears as we watched the school burn. I think we realized that we really were attached to our school. Also the reverse beauty pagents were always a hoot. Randy Aman was a beautiful queen, I know many wished they were his escort, but alas I was the lucky one.

Work in air quality planning program at Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission for the State of Texas. Have 2 kids, 13 and 15. Married my high school sweetheart from my senior year - I moved to Texas in 72' and graduated from Lanier High, Austin. Still married to same sweetheart. 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rabbits. Enjoy most? Community service - have been PTA President for elementary school for 5 years and PTA President at junior high for 2 years. Elected Precinct Chairman for Republican Party for Williamson County past 4 years. Appointed Member to numerous School Board Task Forces, ie Year Around School, Legislative Chair/District for State Texas PTA, District PTA Representative for 3 counties. Serve on various community boards and active in church. Worked (and am working) on Governor'Bush' and Kay Bailey Hutchison, Phil Gramm campaigns. I enjoyed going to the last Governor's Ball & parties, attending state/nat/PTA/republican party conventions (political conventions are a hoot ! thats Texas slang.), attending national softball tournaments to watch my kids play - who are awesome players, and attend various events at UT, ride the roller coasters at AstroWorld, Fiesta Texas, or Six Flags at least once a year, go to South Padre at least once a year, etc. Ambitions? Want to take some time off! Actually, I look to retire in 8 years from the state - I have 22 years in service. I will continue to be involved in community and travel. Someone email me! I haven't been to Georgia since the last reunion - 20th. If you have Debbie Cook Aman's phone number, let me know! I am planning to fly in and probably stay a few days ahead of the big event.

March, 1998

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