Susan Preston (Stein), Class of '73

I was first very involved with Future Homemakers of I wanted to get invlolved in as many organizations as I could my Freshman year. I became involved with Future Homemakers of America (Mrs. Grimes) and with the drama club (Barbara Appino Hall, Glenn Wells). I had a very promising future with 'FHA' but drama won out - even to the Springer Theatre in Columbus while still in highschool. My most memorable time at Baker WAS my Freshman year! I met alot of 'upper classmen' who remained my friends.

I graduated from University of Georgia in 1977 after I attended Columbus College for a couple of years (during which time I worked at the Bradley Library in Columbus.). Went on to University of Georgia and got a BS in Horticulture. I also met the guy who would become my husband the first year in Athens (we'll be married 16 years this year). We moved to Atlanta which is where his family is (also a military brat - Air Force) and we have remained in metro-Atlanta for 20 years. We adopted a baby boy in 1996. I enjoy tennis and am on an ALTA team and have time for little else! (I take LOTS of pictures of our son and our old Shar pei, Bubba!)

February, 1998

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