Jennifer Dunford (Rowe), Class of '74

I only went to school. I didn't play in the band, sing in the chorus, run track, shoot baskets, hit baseballs, throw footballs, shake pom-poms, twirl batons, or shout cheers.

Undoubtedly my most memorable Baker High School moment was watching the auditorium roof collapse into a devastating conflagration, after quietly leaving the building during what we thought was "just another false fire alarm."

I graduated early from Baker and went on to Columbus College (now Columbus State University.) I majored in music for three years and then changed my major to Criminal Justice. I obtained a degree in the latter in 1977 and went to work for the Columbus Police Department in February of 1978. That is where I've been for the last nineteen years. (And they said it wouldn't last!)

My hobby is still horses, always has been, always will be. I foxhunt with the Midland Foxhounds at least once a week between September and March. I also play golf. I have no children, but I do have three horses and a wonderful yellow lab named Clancey Dan, hence the screen name for AOL. I have a wonderful husband to whom I've been married going on ten years. I hope to win the lottery so I can quit working and ride horses and play golf all the time.

February, 1997

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