Ronald Lynn "Ronnie" Booth, Class of '75


I was in ROTC at Baker and played on the 73-75 Football team as Kicker and Defensive Back. My most famous moment at Baker was imitating Mr. Leibendorfer (Senior English Teacher) at the talent show. I went into the Military after graduation (Special Troops, Berlin) for 3 years, then went to Florida A&M University and received a degree in Computer Science. I went back into the Military as an Officer after graduation for 3 more years and then went into Reserve duty until retiring as a Captain. I subsequently received my Masters Degree in Computer and Information Systems in 1996, and then received my Ph.D. in Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. I work in Atlanta, Georgia. I am divorced from my former wife Kathryn. My beautiful daughter Rhonda is now 14 years old. I attended the 2000 BUMS reunion. The things I enjoy the most are Golfing and Traveling.

February, 2004

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Graduation Picture, 1975
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Father and Daughter (Rhonda, 14)
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