John C. Collins, Class of '75

About-Baker: ROTC/rifle club/1st Sargent Jr year/ dont remember any details. I mostly remember the steaking and the riots. Some of the teachers still stand out in my mind. Mr. Hardy was particularly important to me. Typing was the class that helped me the most since I am now in the Information Technology industry.

After-Baker: My ambition is to retire as soon as possible and travel the world. What I did after leaving school, went into the Air Force where I really learned electronics and later received my BSEE from La Salle University. These are the places I have lived in order from Columbus, While in the Air Force San Antonio, TX; Denver, CO; Sumter, SC. Out of the Military attended Oklahoma State University, Marketing; Stillwater, OK; left OSU and went to Colorado Springs, CO; then Denver CO. All before 1980. In 1980 moved to Los Angeles where I spent 9 years and got married to Robin a Southern California Girl; in 1988 moved to Maui, Hawaii; back to Los Angeles, CA; Jacksonville, Fl; Maui, Hawaii; North Brunswick, NJ; Durham, NC and now I am in Hong Kong; who knows whats next. Have worked for several companies in several industries but always focused on I.T. and Networking. I have been very involved with the Internet and several areas of technology development. I have been blessed beyond imagination. I would love to hear from any of you who are from Baker between 72 and 75, even if you dont know me, maybe we have mutual friends or contacts.

February, 2001

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