Jeff D. Mackey, Jr., Class of '76

After graduation I joined the Army (delayed entry until October),in the Communication Security/Crypto repair electronics program. I retired after 20 years and spent the next seven working as a Field Engineer with a DoD Contractor. Currently, combining all electronic communication experiences with another Contractor as a Telecommunication Analyst living in Bahrain. Whenever times permitts I enjoy tennis/racquetball,horseback riding,comedy and sightseeing. The past 28 years have allowed me worldwide travel and a chance to learn other nationalities and appreciate their cultrals while helping me become a better person. I am proud of what I'm doing as a service for our Country. I have been married almost 23 years, one daughter (Sakeena- 21) and one son (Tariq-11). I really enjoyed all four years at Baker,lots of laughter and fun times. Those pep rallies,school dances,school sporting events and unpredictable things that occured during study hall,lunchtime,changing classes and P.E., gives me plenty to smile about. Thanks to all of you for those memories. I can say that period was a great experience,"go LIONS".

May, 2004

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