David Reneau, Class of '76

I was on the baseball team all four years I was at Baker. I played football my freshman and junior years. My most memorable moment was when, on a road trip to Warner Robins with the baseball team in my car, Tony Graz and Hector Silva were busted for shooting moons. I also enjoyed driving the car for Walter Cummings and Mike Graz when they streaked.

My family has a long history with Baker. My brother Mike graduated in 1968, and my brother Lonnie in 73. Mike is a coach in Warner Robins, Gail is married and lives in Augusta; her married name is Dacus. Lonnie is retired Army and lives outside Fort Bragg.

I went to Columbus College for two years, then went to work full time. I sold insurance for a few years, then cars, then sun equipment, then back to insurance. I am currently with Mutual of Omaha, a great company. I am sure I nave found my niche in life. I am married to a girl from Phenix City; we have three children. David is 12, Lisi is 8, and Garry is 6.

August, 1996

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