Patric Boone, Class of '79

I wasn't a stellar student but I was involved in ROTC under Msgt Gerstenslager. I was on the Drill Team and for a while, the Rifle Team. I took German Under Mrs. Gosha. Even though I am fluent in German I only got C's.

I had a circle of friends that included Carolyn Holtzclaw. She was very prim and proper. One day at lunch I told a dirty joke and she blew milk through both of he nostrils. She never lived that down.

Now I'm married (14 years) and have three terrific boys. I did nine years in the USAF. I received an Honorable Discharge in 1988. I worked for TWA for a few years in Kansas City MO. I am currently on contract in Kuwait. I have been here for the last and a half years.

December, 1996

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