Sylvia Head, Class of '79

Senior Casual taken in 1979 
Realtor's Business Pic taken in 2002 

My life after Baker... well, I was forced to go to Pacelli Catholic High for my Senior year because of the Muscogee County School District's policy concerning mandatory attendance. Due to "playing hookie", I was told by Mr. Terry Burgess that I did not meet the attendance requirement to be allowed had to graduate with my class, regardless of what my grades reflected! So I was placed under my Mother's "Tiger Claws" and given "one last chance" to straighten up and graduate. So I was "transferred" to Pacelli, the last quarter of my Junior year, I was given a "deal that I could not refuse" by the Principal, Mr. Kockx (sp?). He told me, "... that if you pass the cumulative final exams, I will allow me to recieve the whole entire credits as if I had attended the entire year, but if I failed then I will get only what I earn for that one quarter." Needless to say, that I "buckled down and got with the program"; graduated with honors, but I will Always be a Lion at Heart!

Got married (1982) to my Senior Prom date, William "Ed" Colber and we have two sons, Brandon (1983) and Jarrod (1985).

Graduated Columbus State University with a BS in Criminal Justice (1991) and became a Legal Assistant. Divorced ex-hole #1 (1998) after a 2 year knock down drag out. Then I married (1999) the attorney, Edward "Herman" Warnock, Jr., that I was working for.

In 2002, I relocated back to Columbus because my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Divorced husband #2 because he refused to relocate... I don't blame him since he had been practicing law in the town he lives in since the year I was born!

Presently working as a REALTOR with Solid Source Premier Realty, since January 2007, so keep me in mind if you need any help with buying or selling a home or any other real property concerns!

I'm back in the old neighborhood, "Oakland Park", near Key School and living with my 1st love when I was 15 years old, David Gallegos, BHS '79... And just think they called it puppy love! We have been together since December 2002 and doing great!

I am a proud Army Brat turned Army Mom... My oldest son, PVT Brandon Colber joined the Army in November 2003 as a Combat Medic and has been in Iraq since January 10, 2005. Pray for him and all of the soldiers' safe return home!

Brandon returned home and got married on February 16, 2008 to Sarah Caruso, a totally delightful and beautiful young lady. They live in Hesperia, CA.

Jarrod is pursuing his dream of becoming a helicopter pilot! Updated on April 27, 2007

April, 2009

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More Pictures

PVT Brandon Colber, 2004
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Awaiting for the safe return from Iraq of my oldest son... he has been there since January 2005 as a Combat Medic.

My Sons: Brandon (20) & Jarrod (18) at Brandon's Basic Training Graduation from Fort Benning.
January 29, 2004
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April 5, 2004
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Having a Great Time Celebrating David's 43rd Birthday!

David Gallegos, BHS '79 & me on New Year's Eve. Together again after 25 years!
December 31, 2002
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