Steven A. Tullia, Class of '79

lettered for three. I was Captain senior year. I was President of my Sophomore Class and Student Government President senior year. I was National Honor Society two years and President senior year.

I really enjoyed tennis and academics the most. (Is there anything else?!?) Ecology with Mr. Charles Liner, Math/Physics with Mr. Hardy and Chemistry with Doc Cravy stand out as my favorite classes. My four years of tennis memories are best remembered with Wendell Walker and Jimmy Demastes.

I cannot remember a MOST memorable moment at Baker. I look back now and realize how good I had it.

I attended the United States Military Academy (West Point) after leaving Baker and graduated in 1983. I became a pilot in the Army, qualified in helicopters and airplanes. I met and married Mary Sherrill O'Connor (a New Jersey native ) while stationed in Hawaii and fathered a son, Matthew Emmett. I later moved to Texas had had a daughter, Caitlin Elizabeth. She was ten days old when I went to Saudi and played in the sand for Desert Storm. I left the service in 1993 and went to work for Teccor Electronics, Inc. in Irving, Texas. I started as a Coach/Production Supervisor. After a year and a half, I moved to Product Engineering where I am today. Teccor makes discrete power semiconductors. I manage the surface mount product lines of our SIDACtor solid state overvoltage protection devices.

I live in Plano, Texas with my beautiful wife Sherri and two children, Matt and Caiti. I love being a husband and a father. I enjoy bicycling, running and swimming (I don't do enough of any of them). Wood working and house fixing up have become favorit es as well. Fishing is currently making a strong comeback. (Prior to six months ago, my last fishing was along the banks of the old Chattahoochee back in '74??)

I aspire to become an Engineering Manager in my current company then move into Corporate management. I enjoyed my military and industry supervision positions and believe I can take those experiences and benefit a company together with my engineering skills.

July, 1996

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