Robin Lynn Lee (Crawford), Class of '81

About-Baker: While at Baker, I was active in many clubs and organizations such as National Honor Society, English Club, Junior Exchangettes, Junior Civitans, Student Government Associtaion, Lion's Pride Annual Staff (Sports Editor) and ROTC (Drill Team).I had many memorable moments at Baker but I guess one that sticks out in my mind has to be having to dress in costume to act out Canterbury Tales for Mrs. Brady's Senior English class. It was quite a site to see all of these football players roaming the halls in costume! Other fond memories are of times spent in the annual staff room with Barbara Dice and other staff members, miscellaneous car washes and bake sales (my cupcakes looked so pitiful that Charles Goodrum bought every one to spare me embarrassment, Thank-you Mr. G.!) and assorted pranks played on both students and faculty (of course nothing was ever malicious).

After-Baker: After graduating from Columbus College (now Columbus State University) in 1984, I spent 5 years working for Callaway Chemical Company (now Vulcan Performance Chemical) in Polymer R&D. Many thanks to Cynthia Harper for encouraging my love for Chemistry. I then moved to Mead Coated Board's Mahrt Mill at Cottonton, AL, spending two years in their technical lab, leaving only when I married my husband, William (Jeff) Crawford. When I left Mead, however, I passed along my job to another BHS '81 graduate, my frequent partner in crime, Tuwanna Ray. My husband and I actually met when we were both in the wedding party for yet another '81 grad, fellow annual staffer and friend since 1st grade, Jennifer Warren. Jeff and I were married on March 23, 1991 and I moved to Augusta Georgia with him while he finished medical school. His graduation was actually the same weekend as our 10 year reunion, causing me to miss most of it. From Augusta, we moved to Birmingham, AL for three years while he completed internship and residency at UAB and I worked as a chemist for a company called Guardian-IPCO, Inc. In '94 we left Birmingham for Dothan AL where Jeff joined an Internal Medicine group and I discovered how different it was to be a stay at home. Our daughter Kelly was born in June of 1995 one month prematurely due to my case of pre-eclampsia, thankfully she was only in ICU for 5 days and is happy, healthy and strong today. My mother experienced a health crisis during that pregnancy (9 days in ICU on the respirator, on oxygen full time now), my father had to have heart bypass surgery and angioplasty in the spring of '96. I am an only child, so Jeff, who is also a Columbus native (Hardaway High School, '77) decided to close his practice and return to Columbus. We moved back in June of '96, our daughter Amy was born at Doctors Hospital, where Jeff now works in the Emergency Room, in April of '97. I am now a full time stay at home Mom, and have to admit that it's a lot tougher job than I ever had at Callaway, Mead, or Guradian-IPCO!! It is quite different than I ever imagined as I watched my own mother clean house, bandage scraped knees, and bake brownies. I am thankful that I am able to be there for my girls day in and day out, as frustrating as it can sometimes be.

June, 2001

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