Cordell Felix Hayes, Class of '88

About-Baker: I remember the close friends and the togetherness the class of '88 had, it was great. My three years at baker were and will always be my fondest memories of school. I guess you could have called me the class jester or clown, because i kept everyone on their toes with my antics and sense of humor.

After-Baker: I was in the US Navy form 1990-1998 and was stationed in Philadelphia, Charleston,SC, San antonio and Corpus Christi, Tx. I have been married for 7 years to my lovely wife Latisha who has given me two handsome sons Devone 8 yrs old and Zaire 2 yrs old and i have a 11 yr old son Jarrod prior to marriage who lives in Phenix City. Currently i work for the Plano Police Dept where i am a police officer for the past 3 yrs., and live in Carrollton, Tx., which are both suburbs of Dallas, TX.

August, 2001

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