Micheal Dewayne Latimer, Class of '88

Hello Classmates, I've been in the Navy for close to 17 years now. I'm currently stationed aboard USS Tortuga (LSD-46) homeported in Sasebo, Japan with my beautiful wife Lisa of Pittsburgh, Pa. and son Micheal Jr.(6). We've lived in Japan for 4 years. My most memorable moments. Senior Skit Day Honoring Dr. Kurzan. And I QUOTE "One Day You May Be On Jeopardy." The Fellows ( Brad, Maurice, Trevor, Reggie, Cordell, Steve Crayton, Steve West, Kalvin. My future planning is to reside in Texas. FOOTBALL 84-88; WRESTLING 85-88; ALLIED HEALTH CLUB 87- Vice President 88 Most Spirited (Senior Year)

May, 2006

Micheal's e-mail address: bmclat05 at yahoo dot com    Contact information for Micheal Baker Lions only

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