Baker 1964 Reunion - Miscellaneous

Various "stuff" for our reunion.

Hello everyone!

What a great meeting we had last Monday night (6-28-04). There were about 15 of your former classmates in attendance and we are all very excited about planning our 40th reunion! If the fun that we had in that meeting is any indicator of what the reunion will be like, then we are in for a great time.

We have a finance committee chaired by Brenda Van Miller (Dick Stewart & Danny Bedsole), decorating committee chaired by Linda ĎPeanutí Johnson (Cynthia Kirkland, Barbara Seymour, Cynthia Watson, & Carolyn Hill), Saturday night food committee chaired by Dick Stewart (Jimmy Lawrence, Danny & Pam Bedsole, Jonnie Melillo), music committee chaired by Diane Davis (Mike Omelanuk, Al Sciarrino, Elaine Miller), registration/name tag committee chaired by Phyllis Duke, hospitality room chaired by Elaine Miller (she needs volunteers who will be staying at the Sheraton to help) golf committee chaired by David Harman (Jimmy Lawrence & Lindy Williams), and a drinking committee chaired by Jimmy Lawrence (WAIT - what I meant to say is Jimmy is in charge of getting all the drinks to the hospitality room and FOP Lodge). He already has a lot of volunteers to assist with this difficult, but rewarding task!!

The hospitality room will be well stocked Friday and Saturday with food and drinks to please everyone! All of you folks coming in from out of town as well as the Columbus folks will find all sorts of food, soft drinks, beer, and wine waiting for you! Saturday morning, drop in for coffee and pastries. All these committees would welcome some additional help so please contact one of the chairs or me to volunteer.

Saturday night is looking good. Just in case some of you think you wonít like all the wonderful food in a low-country boil, there will be additional food available. However, you might be surprised - Iíve been to a lot of low-country boils but Iíve never tasted any as good as Dick Stewartís.

We are looking for pictures! Take the time now to look up those old black and white photos and get a copy to Phyllis Duke McNair (312 Millcreek Road, Lexington, South Carolina 29072, She has already received some and is looking for more. Also, if you have pictures from past reunions, put them in an album and bring them with you to the hospitality room.

The decorating committee is looking for memorabilia from our time at good olí Baker to use for decorations - letter jackets, uniforms, POM-POMS, etc. Please bring anything you have to share with the group to the hospitality room. Someone from the decorating committee will be there and will guard it with their life! After all, anything that youíve hung on to for 40 years must be very valuable to you! (Note: we were going to have the guys wear their letter jackets but a small sample survey indicated that most donít know where their jackets are and even if they did, couldnít get them on). There will be a special gift to all of you who are able to dig up your letter jackets or uniform of any kind while at Baker! And for the ones of you who canít find yours, Mr. Boyles will be there to administer two licks to each of you! BTW, he has already sent in his registration form.

If you have not made your reservations at the Sheraton, do it now while youíre thinking about it. Our rate, until Sept 9th is $79.00. After that date, the rate will be $119. Also, please send your reservation form to Brenda as soon as possible so we can know the number to plan for.

This is going to be so much fun - we have found people we thought were lost for good! AND THEY ARE COMING TO SEE YOU! Some have never been to a reunion and some have only been to one or two.
Thatís it for now. Things are shaping up for a great reunion and we look forward to seeing you there!


Ps By the way, Lindy tells me that he has been unable to get the Baker Webmaster (known by other %&^#$ names also) to update the Baker Website with our reunion information. So Lindy has created a separate website for it - Check it out - weíll be updating it as things move along.

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