The accolades for the Reunion keep coming in! Here are just a few:

    "The reunion was tremendous...teachers were given the VIP treatment - made to feel
    special in such a lovely way...Attending the reunion and seeing so many people who
    are important to me helped my spirits tremendously."

                    -from Mrs. Ruth Brady, Faculty

    "Just wanted to say congratulations on a job well done...The BUMS 2000 reunion
    was a major achievement."

                    -from Marcia Powell

    "...What a blast! I'm looking forward to the next one."

                    -from Lucia Yates

    "...I had a great time...My only regret is that I wasn't able to help all ya'll
    put it together..."

                    -from Richard Rodriguez 74

    "Attending BUMS 2000 was a turning point for me...I had an unspeakably
    (non-word?) wonderful time. All of it provided me with a new beginning...
    an immeasurable gift from you. Thank you for being such a blessing."

                    -from Linnie Williams

    "What a "Colossal Success" !!!! Everyone had a magnificent time - so many
    memories !!!!  Thanks...for bringing all of us together one more time !!!!

                    -from Guyette Wilson

    "There were so many people that I had not seen since leaving Baker, it was
    amazing. You would be talking with someone and thirty years worth of
    memories would tap you on the shoulder. Thank you so much...I doubt
    if Columbus will ever see such a gathering again..."

                    -from Poppy Lopez

    "The reunion was just beyond description...thank you..."

                    -from Donna Allison Whitfield 71

    "It was so much fun seeing everyone and feeling 17 again...sharing old times
    with friends, rekindling and vowing to keep in touch, laughing and hugging
    and crying and remembering is why this reunion...will always warm my heart."

                    -from Cindy Radcliff Mitchell 68

    " The BUMS reunion was a tremendous mix of emotions and experiences.
    Seeing old friends (many lost to me for years) and touring the halls of my
    Alma Mater will remain forever as highlights of my life. Thanks for the

                -from Cherry Dawn Langley (Chambers) 70

    "The week-end was enchanted, the love was so tangible you could reach out
    and touch it.  I'm still basking in the afterglow of "Lion Fever!"

                -from Sherry Jackson Jenkins 70

    "You will always be in our hearts and minds...Our love and appreciation to
    all of you that worked on the reunion."

                -from Ken Walters 56
                          BHS Always and Forever

    "Thanks again to all who made it such an enjoyable, memorable and
    wonderful event!!!  This BUM was excited to be a part of it and still
    reeling from the fun, festivities, and fellowship."

                -from Steph Frey Hargrove 79
                          BUMS Rule!!!

    "My wife, Teresa, a Jordan grad, but now an unofficial Lion, says this is what
    BUMS means to her:

        B - Beauty of heart and soul

        U - Unending devotion to each other

        M - Molding the lives of those we touch

         S - School spirit that will never die"

                -from Roy (Sunshine) Cook 68

     "You did a great job at the reunion. When will we do it again?"

                -from Cathy Day

    "WOW! What a weekend!!! Thank you so much for everything. I know the task
    was almost over-whelming, but hope that all the joy you brought will help you
    realize how worthwhile it has been."

                -from David Barrow 57

    "Words can't begin to tell you what an absolutely wonderful time I had at the
    Mega Reunion. Thank you so very much...for doing a fantastic job...I'll always
    remember this past weekend as a very special time."

                -from Mary Bowen Benes

    "I cannot express how much fun I had and how good it was to see old friends
    and renew acquaintances. It was great and I can't express that enough."

                -from Beverly Kimbrough

   "Thank you...and everyone who made this event the roaring success that it was!
    (Pun intended.) Let's do it again REAL SOON! I hated to see it end."

                -from Jan Hudgins Clauson

    "I have never missed a reunion with the Class of 73...but it was nice for a change
    to also see folks who were there and had attended during other times...Those of
    you who weren't there really missed out.

                -from Ralph Mitchell 73

   "Just got back to sunny Florida and wanted to say how much fun the Reunion
    was! It was nice seeing all the wonderful people...It truly was sad to leave and
    say good bye to everyone...I'm sure we will be talking about this a long time!"

                -from Dave Holmberg 74

   "AWESOME, FANTASTIC, STUPENDOUS are words that are too inadequate
    to describe this event...Friendships were rekindled...voids filled...closures
    attained...differences set aside...and new hopes born..."

                -from George Burns 72

   "I've been to events and seminars of companies staged by the professionals...
    but the BUMS 2000 weekend in Columbus put them all to shame..."

                -from Don Burns 71

   "It was wonderful! The Lions are the friendliest people anywhere...How do
    you go back to the real world after a weekend like this?"

                -from Becky Dewald 72

   "Ditto to all the accolades expressed...and kudos to the committee...outstanding
    job...Thanks for the memories, classmates - what a weekend!!!! What a great
    group you truly are!!!!

                -from Pam Powell Williams 68

    "Three days of love and music...We just had an intergenerational Woodstock!
    This will be echoing around the Internet and snail-mail routes for a long time."

                -from Glenn Wells 60 (and Faculty)

    "Congratulations on the success of your BUMS 2000 reunion!"

                -from Ray Lakes, Assistant Director, Alumni Affairs, CSU

    "I can't tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed the past weekend...I will plan
    on attending any future ones thanks to you and the committee that brought all
    of us BUMS together."

                -from Rick Lively

   "An outstanding job...It was very sad to see it come to an end. Maybe we could
    do it again."

                -from Donna Ward 69

    "I would love to see another big Baker reunion and you can count me in now
    as attending...Thanks for all the work. Awesome weekend in Columbus!!!!"

                -from Beth Carpenter Nemeth 75

   "Becky and I enjoyed the reunion was wonderful."

                -from Glenn 70 and Becky Camp 70

   "Thanks for the memories..."

                -from Susan Prestein 73

  "The BUMS 2000 reunion...was great - you guys are great - and Baker is great -
    then - now - always and forever...LIONS RULE!!!"

                -from Carolyn Hall Tidd 70

    "Thank you for an evening to remember."

                -from Caroline Connor

    "What an awesome, life-changing event! I had lost touch with sooo many Baker
    friends over the years and this "happening" enabled us to connect once again.
    Thank you...for enriching all of our lives!"

                -from Janice Wolfe Burk