My Name is Missing!

We're trying to list the names of everyone who ever attended Baker, whether or not they stayed long enough to graduate, and everyone who ever taught at Baker. If you ever attended Baker, your name should be listed with the class with which you graduated, or would have graduated had you stayed. There is a separate list for faculty members.

Unfortunately, for many of the years we had only the senior lists from the annuals to go on, so many people who attended Baker are missing.

If your name is missing, all you have to do is fill out the on-line registration form. Within a few days after you've signed in, your name will appear in the class roll page for your class.

If your entire class is missing, that means we haven't found anyone to type the names yet. If you can help, send e-mail to Webmaster at Baker dot H S dot O R G for the formatting instructions.

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